May 23, 2016

Do we have to rebrand the arts as 'creative tech' for Turnbull to give us money?

Check out Justin O'Connor's compelling article "Do we have to rebrand the arts as 'creative tech' for Turnbull to give us money?'. In this article, O'Connor emphasises, "The reason why art and culture – including the media – are left out is not because they have failed to make the economic case for culture, but because they still hold on to values which cannot be encapsulated by economic reason alone. They stand, fundamentally, for values of individual and collective wellbeing and development, which are at odds with the dominant values of current economic reasoning: that only market transactions can hold a society together and provide for their collective wellbeing; and that cultural consumption must be organised and judged as all other kinds of consumption are – the economically efficient delivery of ever-proliferating goods and services to an infinitely expandable set of wants, whose merit (other than pornography, defamation and terrorism) is a question only for the consumer and his or her credit card."

May 23, 2016

Creative Industries Engagement Forum

Justin O’Connor launches his Platform Paper #47: ‘After the Creative Industries: Why We Need a Cultural Economy’. In the 1990s, the ‘creative industries’ emerged as a global concept aimed at mobilising the energies of culture in support of a new kind of economy: entrepreneurial, multicultural, youthful and digitally savvy. ‘Culture’ moved to the top table of policy-making, and a revolution in Higher Education was proclaimed, with ‘creativity’ a central resource. Yet, only twenty years later the Australian Government has launched an innovation program in which culture and the cultural industries are nowhere to be seen. This Platform Paper charts the rise and fall of this vision in Australia, and argues that while undoubtedly a victim of its own hubristic rhetoric, its rapid disappearance leaves a hole in policy-making that those in the cultural sector ignore at their peril. Justin O’Connor outlines what a new agenda for the cultural economy might look like, ‘after’ the Creative Industries. 

May 23, 2016

Justin O’Connor’s Platform Paper After the Creative Industries: Why We Need a Cultural Economy

Check out Professor Justin O'Connor's prophetic essay "After the Creative Industries: Why We need a Cultural Economy". In his passionately argued essay, O’Connor calls on the cultural sector not to retreat from the marketplace but make a rigorous, open-eyed engagement with it. What is at stake in culture—as it has always been— are the great questions of ultimate value: of how we can live together and what the quality of our collective life should be. 

Get to know more about Justin O'Connor's Platform Paper by reading the article written by Keith Gallasch, "Arts and the election & Justin O'Connor's Platform Paper". Gallasch engages with O'Connor's work to understand the ways through which culture, the arts and creative industries have become under threat to Neoliberalism and giant content-capturing techno-corporations. 

May 23, 2016

Exposing the creative industries fallacy

This article is an extract from the Platform Paper After the Creative Industries: Why We Need a Cultural Economy by Justin O’Connor published by Currency House today. 

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